Making a personal injury claim

Here at Accidents Direct, we can help with virtually any type of injury, from cuts and bruises all the way through to permanent disability. Approximately 3 million people are injured in accidents each year and although most of these accidents result in physical injury. You can also claim for psychological injuries and illnesses if they have been caused by someone who owes you a duty of care.

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The range of accident circumstances that we can help with is as broad as the range of injuries; we can help you claim compensation for injuries at home, on the road, at work or out in public.

Some of the most common situations we deal with include trips on public pavements, vehicle collisions on the road, strain injuries in workplaces and slips on spillages in supermarkets and pubs.

We can also help with injuries caused by medical negligence, for example mistakes during surgery.

Most of us have encountered such accidents through someone else’s negligence at some stage in our lives and if you are unfortunate enough to have done so within the last three years then you may be able to make a claim for any personal injury suffered.

In addition to claiming compensation for your injuries themselves, you can also seek to recover any losses you have suffered as a result of the injury, for example lost income from having time off work.

Making a personal injury claim is also one of the most effective ways of ensuring that no one else is injured in the same circumstances. In most cases as soon as the process is started the person responsible quickly addresses the offending object or behaviour so that they are not faced with any more claims from future victims.

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